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Kisses From Your Beloved by Jodi Barrows
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Kisses From Your Beloved by Jodi Barrows

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I hope you enjoy this Civil War love story of Sadie Wilkes and Duvall Woodridge, a young couple caught up in the unrest of the Civil War. The Kisses from Your Beloved program consists of twelve, 10 inch blocks and twelve love letters between our couple. As they correspond during the years of the war, you will learn about their thoughts and feelings. I hope it expresses the tanglement of the people and the politics of the time.

There are so many precursors of what brought us to the Civil War politics, prejudices, business, the growth of a country, women s rights, rebels, and of course slavery just to name a few. I want to present the issues as they saw them and let you come away with your own thoughts and opinions. The reasons for why and what the fighting in the Civil War was for is still a hot topic among historians today. This story is a side bar to my family's story of the Mailly Women. For those of you reading my novels, Sadie is a cousin to Abby and Emma Wilkes. Both of these stories will come to a head at the Battle of Vicksburg during the summer of 1863. My research has been from actual Civil War letters. This is the best way to get the grass roots of how the people of the times felt about the issues. The Pearce Civil War Museum in Corsicana, Texas has a large amount of information and many letters as well. Of course, my family history passed down by the women in our family is my purest form of information as well as inspiration. - Jodi Barrows. 52 pages softcover. About the Author
Over the past twenty years, Jodi has remarkably touched thousands of quilters throughout the world with her unique method called Square in a Square®. Her point of view provides the quilter with the freedom to create most any quilt design with speed and accuracy.
Jodi has spoken to quilting audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Italy and Australia. She has appeared as a guest on several quilting shows, including TNN's Aleene's Creative Living, TNN's Your Home Studio, Perfecting Patchwork on Family Net tv and a PBS series with Kaye Wood. HGTV has shown her commercial on the quilting techniques she has developed during the show Simply Quilts. The Square in a Square® system is a process that anyone can implement in most any design.
Jodi has written twenty books (ten of which have been on the best seller's list), four novels, produced four tools, two video/dvds and five teacher's books. Additionally, she has a pattern book and fabric line based on a fiction novel she wrote from the 1856 time period entitled Leaving Riverton. She also has a Certified Teacher's Program in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.
Jodi has had numerous quilts appear in McCall's, The Quilter, Quick and Easy Quilt World, House of White Birch Publications, Quilter's Newsletter Top Ten New Products, Leisure Arts Scrappy Bed Quilts 2003, Round Bobbin Quilting Professional and as a Featured Teacher in the Traditional Quilter. Jodi has been commissioned to compose quilts for many state and national organizations as well as working with the Kansas Historical Society. She has been active in guilds as well as owning several crafting and sewing related businesses over the years. Jodi was raised in southwest Kansas, has 2 grown sons, and is married to Steve, her high school sweetheart.

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