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Embroidery Stitch Templates 5 KSS-301
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Embroidery Stitch Templates 5 KSS-301

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Embroidery Stitch Templates 5 KSS-301. 5 Plastic Marking Stencils- -6" x 6" each. Used for guiding embroidery work, drawing or quilting.

These shape templates are designed to work with any size project.
Just trace these designs onto fabric for quilt borders, garments embellishments and crazy quilt seams, etc.
These templates were designed with 1mm snug cut out openings to enable the user to make precise, very thin lines so the lines can be easily covered up with thread.
This package contains five 6x6 inch marking stencils.

These are SHAPE templates, (not to be confused with the set of STITCH Templates we also carry).

The set contains 5 plastic sheets (6x6"each). Each sheet has several seam template designs included for a total of 25 seam designs. The set also includes designs for letters and numbers; hearts, swirls, and leaf shapes.

To use, simply place on top of paper/fabric and trace inside the "grooves". This will leave markings on your project. You embroidery along these marking using any stitch that can follow a line...example: Back Stitch, Chain Stitch, Stem Stitch, etc.

The set is durable plastic and will last many years. Recommend you use a sharp #2 lead pencil for marking or Clover extra fine air erasible marker or fine water soluble marker.

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