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Benartex Festive Chickadees - April 2020

Festive Chickadees by Jackie Robinson for Benartex Fabrics. Sometimes the most extraordinary designs begin with a simple concept. Take Festive Chickadees, for instance. Jackie wanted to create a winter scene with birds and pine trees. She chose chickadees for their warm colors and winter charm. Add pine branches and some cool textures and Festive Chickadees was born! This is one of those collection you just know will become a classic. The fine painting and details combined with beautiful color and gold metallic accents makes it fabric with truly wide appeal. Jackie has even included a wonderful panel that can be used “as-is” or made into quilt blocks. We can imagine table mats, runners, and placemats. The printing is so fine, you might even consider framing some of these blocks!

Coming April 2020