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Benartex Evening Frost - May 2020

Imagine an evening in the countryside. The sun is just setting, the birds are settling in for the night, and a gentle frost is settling on the leaves. It’s Terry Redlin’s Evening Frost collection. The focal point of this collection is an evening landscape panel. The panel has several different landscapes and can be used “as-is” or cut apart for more projects. If you wish to use the panel as is, just use one of two of the Evening Frost coordinates as a border (there are LOTS to choose from!). There’s also a unique landscape print containing diamond shapes. The colors, too, are key here: muted shades of gray, brown, and black, with just a touch of gold in the landscape prints. The mini deer and mini floral prints are just charming and the “wood” print looks like the siding of an antique barn. Sew cool!

Coming May 2020

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