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About Us

PDG Creations, LLC, brings you and is located in the quaint village of Germantown, Ohio. Our finished products are available online or, by special arrangement, through local shops, galleries, and other businesses. Christmas, holiday and seasonal patterns, fabrics, books, kits are offered on this web site. Several of the patterns are original and made exclusively by PDG Creations. Others are licensed from the original designers and will be produced in limited quantities.

Darlene Griffith, the owner of PDG Creations has used Electric Quilt 7 software for several years. I am an Electric Quilt authorized instructor and I have taught EQ7 classes.

I was introduced to quilting in the early 1980’s. My grandmother, who was in her 80’s, mentioned that one of her greatest regrets was having failed to have quilted the last quilt top that her mother (my great-grandmother) had made. Well, I was young, didn’t know anything about quilting, and perhaps a little too confident – so I volunteered! Grandma did try to tell me that it would be a big job. I couldn’t be dissuaded. She entrusted me with her prized quilt top and off I went… to Germany.

At the time, I lived in military housing in Germany and, unfortunately, didn’t spend nearly enough time enjoying the people or sites that surrounded me. That led to my first problem. The quilt top was already about 40 years old and several blocks were in need of repair. I needed fabric. I’m sure there were better options than I came up with, but I used what I could find to repair the quilt top and then quilted it. I can share with you that it was not a beautiful quilt nor was it well made (definitely not well quilted) but I returned it to my grandmother, who was thrilled.

Grandma lived for several years after that. I’ve been told that she used that quilt on her bed for the rest of her life. My mother gave the quilt to me after Grandma died. It isn’t any prettier now than it was when I finished it but it is among my most prized possessions. Hey, Grandma, I’m still quilting… and we still miss you.

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